Recently, Facebook has admitted that the company has found some additional logs of Instagram passwords which were stored in the database in a readable format. 

Facebook has exposed passwords of millions of Instagram users

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The company is not getting out of troubles very soon. As per Facebook itself, this same issue has impacted millions of Instagram users all around the world.

This news spread wode just the day after Facebook admitted that unintentionally it had uploaded email contacts of around 1.5 million new users.

And, now according to latest news, the big explosion is being heard. Facebook now has millions of Instagram users' passwords exposed in a data security lapse.

These caught our notice because our login systems are designed to mask passwords using techniques that make them confused. We have fixed these issues and as care will be notifying everyone. Whose passwords we found stored this way

Said Pedro Canahuati who is vice-president at engineering, security and privacy block at Facebook.

This password exposing is a part of the security breach which once came into notice last month by Krebs on Security. The company has been storing passwords of millions in plain text on its internal servers. No matter, we fight for privacy, we won't get that right.

Last month only, Facebook said that "these readable-format passwords have jeopardized hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users." And "tens of millions of other Facebook users" privacy on their servers. Now, the company has updated that blog post and said something new which anyone won't want to hear or read- 

This is an issue that has already been widely reported, but we want to be clear that we learned there were more passwords stored in this way, said by a Facebook spokesperson.

Here are some things which one must know about this Facebook's Instagram password controversy

1. Facebook and Instagram passwords were not only stored in plain text, readable form but also can be searched by Facebook employees.

2. The archives found that unencrypted user passwords are dated back from 2012. So, this is happening from 2012, and we get to know this today.

How can one know if the higher password was exposed?

As per Facebook, it has started sending emails to the users whose passwords were exposed. In the new blog post, Facebook has mentioned about this- 

We will be announcing these users as we did the others. Our study has discovered that these stored passwords were not mentally hurt or poorly accessed.

First things first, if you get any notification from Facebook through email that you are the one whose password has been compromised.

You must change your password of Instagram as soon as possible. And, do not use this Instagram password at any online platform instead go for Google or Facebook password. You can surely change your password by going into Instagram Settings.

Also, try to protect your Facebook account too by two-factor authentication or using a security key. Although on iPhones, it is easier to keep your passwords secure.

Thanks to the security Apple has been providing, and this is the reason people love to buy iPhones. But, on Android devices, there are numerous chances that you have to need to get your passwords changed.

Besides, if you are looking for a job in technology, then it could be better to try it.

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