"It is a staggering small world that is below. In the year 2000, when they look back at this age, they will wonder why it was not until the year 1960 that anybody began seriously to move in this direction."
 Author- Richard P Feynman, 1960

Nanotechnology History

Feynman first described the advantages of matter and the possibilities of the case at levels as small as nanometers in a 1959 paper, "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom."
The idea of manipulating anything at the nanometer level seemed impossible back then. Not only did he believe physics would allow us to manage matter atom by atom, but he also predicted that in the future we would be able to have small machines build even smaller machines.

Norio Taniguchi and Nanotechnology

Norio Taniguchi, a professor at Tokyo Science University, in 1974 described nanotechnology as a technology which "mainlyconsists of the processing of separation, consolidation, and deformation ofmolecules by one atom or one molecule." If Feynman is the grandfather of nanotech, then Taniguchi is the father.

Drexler and Nanotechnology

Our modern understanding of nanotechnology is thanks to Eric Drexler, a student of Feynman's. He published papers and books on the subject and received a doctorate from MIT. He is credited with our current understanding of the nanotechnology paradigm and suggested many of the practical uses we have begun working with.

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