Intel fast StorageTechnology may be a Windows-based application that has improved performance and responsibleness for systems equipped with SATA disks for desktop, mobile, and server platforms. Once mistreatment one or multiple SATA disk drives, you'll be able to the benefit of increased performance and lower power consumption. Once mistreatment over one disk, you'll be able to increase protection against information loss within the event of disk failure.


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Features for RAID-enabled systems:

Intel Rapid Storage Technology

This technology provides full knowledge redundancy by repetition knowledge from a delegated supply drive (i.e., master disk) to a particular destination drive (i.e., recovery disk). Knowledge updates of recovery volumes will be continuous or for the asking.

Intel Rapid  RAID

This technology provides the flexibility to form RAID zero, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID ten volumes on desktop and mobile platforms. Knowledge is distributed across 2 or additional disks to produce knowledge redundancy or to boost knowledge storage performance.

Intel Matrix RAID Technology

This technology permits two freelance RAID volumes to be created on one array. The first volume occupies a part of the variety, feat area for the second volume. The variety could comprise 2 to 6 SATA disks reckoning on the quantity varieties.

Native command queuing

A feature that permits SATA disks to accept over one control at a time. Once utilized in conjunction with one or additional drives that support NCQ, storage performance is accrued on random workloads by permitting the disk to optimize the order of commands internally.

Disk capability additional important than two terabytes (if the choice memory board supports that size)

This feature provides support for laborious disks and solid-state drives with an ability more than a pair of TB. That 'reportable as pass-through devices (available) or utilized in a RAID configuration. Also, booting from a system disk additional important than a pair of TB is allowed as long because the version of the choice memory board in your system supports this feature.

Password-protected disks

This feature provides high-level security and protection for the info on your disks with parole, denying access from any unauthorized user.

Features for AHCI-enables systems:

Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) is associate interface specification that mechanically permits the storage driver to change advanced SATA options, like Native Command Queuing and Native Hot Plug on the SATA disks connected to your pc. The following options are supported on AHCI-enabled systems:

1. Native command queuing
2. Hot-plug
3. Disk capability larger than two terabytes (if choice ROM supports that size)
4. Password-protected disks

Main program functions:

Status - this can be the most screen wherever you'll be able to verify the standing of your storage devices.

Manage - This space displays elaborated info regarding every part that's a part of the storage system, like volumes and disks; the storage system read shows. However, the chosen part relates to others. Every part has its own 'Manage' space that is accessible by clicking any part displayed within the storage system read below'Status' or 'Manage.'

Accelerate or Performance (depending on the version) - you'll be able to set up an inside solid-state drive have used as a non-volatile intelligent caching for a disk or a volume gift on your system. Moving oft accessed information over to the cache permits you to enhance overall system performance, increase read/write access speeds, and cut back start-up times while not adding a lot of system memory.

This feature conjointly will increase the ability potency of a mobile pc by holding keep information and reading information from the cache rather than the SATA disk itself.

Preferences - System preferences permit you to make your mind up whether or not you would like the notification space icon to show. Additionally, you'll be able to choose the categories of notifications you would like to receive, like storage system warnings or errors, and be notified of any according to issues whereas the applying is closed.

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